Spirometry meets the power of artificial intelligence

Our deep learning based spirometry solution provides fast and accurate analytics on lung status - wherever and whenever needed.

Improved speed and accuracy with the help of deep learning

Deep learning is a groundbreaking machine learning approach impacting a large variety of industries and is successfully employed in diverse fields such as self-driving vehicles, speech recognition, machine translation, and medical imaging. Deep learning exceeds human skills in numerous fields, including the analytics of pulmonary function tests.

Trained on the past with the technology of the future

Through our cooperation with major hospitals and spirometer manufacturers we trained VimSpiro’s algorithm on large amount of spirometry data overseen by board certified pulmonologists. We developed a product which automates the analysis of functional lung tests effortlessly and continuously, aiding patients to track their pulmonary condition comfortably from their home.


Comfort and security

Designed for daily testing, not bound to patient care centers


Results can be saved and compared over time


Single-click testing and data forwarding to the doctor

HIPAA compliant

Data is transmitted only when necessary, and it is done securely

Real-time treatment suggestions

Notification in case of medical emergency

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